Instant Expert: Rose’ Wines

Rose' Wines Rock! Five essential things to know about Rose' Wines that will make you an "Instant Expert."

1. Is made from red grapes. Rose' wines are made from a wide variety of red grapes. In Michigan many rose's are Pinot Noir or Cabernet Franc. French versions are usually from Provence and range from Syrah to Cinsault to Grenache or a blend of all three!

2. Comes in a wide range of colors and flavors. Most rose's are dry but soft and sweet styles are also available. Colors go from pale salmon to neon pink, it's fun to try a wide variety.

3. May be made one of three ways, Maceration is when the grapes are left on the skins for a few hours. Blending is when red and white wines are actually blended together, this is usually sparkling rose'; Saignée or "bleeding" (drawing-off) a portion of red wine after only a short period of time. The wine left after the "bleed" is frequently made into a more concentrated red wine.

4. Rose' wines have gone from being an unpopular to super hot style. Many folks used to think rose's
were White Zinfandel and turned up their noses at them. It's now red hot on wine lists, particularly in summer.

5. Perfect pairing wine. Rose's are amazingly flexible wines. They pair with all sorts of food, from charcuterie to salad to fish. Try your favorite with a grilled cheese sandwich - yummy!

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