The Wine Counselor® offers a variety of public classes throughout the year in partnership with a variety of venues. You'll laugh and learn and be be "edu-tainedby Michael in his own fun and footloose style.
Here are some of the public classes that The Wine Counselor® presents:

Class Comments

 "Amazing presenter with a great sense of humor."
"He was very very funny and extremely educational"
 " Such a fun presenter. Great slides. Real respect for everyone no matter their expertise or taste preference."
 "Funny, knowledgeable and enthusiastic."
 "I would happily attend another session just like this one."

Wine Classes

The FUNdamentals of Food & Wine Pairing
Explore the 3 fundamental principles of food & wine pairing with perfect pairings included.

The Big 3 of White Wine Grapes
Chardonnay, Riesling & Sauvignon Blanc are the most popular white grapes. You'll enjoy two expressions (total of six wines) of each grape while learning how & why the same grape can taste so different!

The Big 3 of Red Wine Grapes
Pinot Noir, Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon are the most popular red grapes. You'll enjoy two expressions (total of six wines) of each grape while learning how & why the same grape can taste so different!

Holiday Favorites
Impress family and friends with your holiday wine selections. From a beautiful bubbly to classic favorites, they'll rave about you and your wine selections.

Best of the "Boot"
There is so much more to Italian wine than Chianti-you'll enjoy six of the best the “boot” has to offer - from a sparkling white to deep and dark reds.

Fun in France
From the Loire Valley through Burgundy, and on to the Rhone Valley we will discover lesser-known gems in a number of varietals. Pairing them with cheeses/cheese dishes is "magnifique!

Super Sparklers
From bone-dry to sweet & fruity sparkling wines are a party in a glass. Enjoy six super sparklers from around the globe perfectly paired with appetizers.

Spanish Serenade
From a sparkling cava to an enticing Albarino all the way to Priorat - Spanish wines are some of the world's best values. Terrific tapas will sustain us in style as we explore Iberian wines.

The Five S's of Wine • Marvelous Michigan • How to Navigate A Wine List
How to Taste Wine Like a Sommelier • And More

Spirits Classes

Bourbon's Back & Bigger Than Ever
America's whiskey is hot! Learn all about why Bourbon is unique, how it's made and a bit of history, as we sample 6 super Bourbons in a range that may surprise. You'll explore the best ways to enjoy our native beverage.

Subtleties of Scotch
Discover 6 very different styles of this classic beverage. From smooth and silky to rich and peaty, you'll learn what makes Scotch such a popular whiskey. You'll enjoy both single malts and blends of this worldwide whiskey favorite.

Irish Eyes Are Smiling
Smoother than Scotch & lighter than Bourbon, discover the wonderful whiskies from the Emerald Isle. So this is what is in the pot at the end of the rainbow!

Tequila's Temptations
Discover the history, process and styles of Mexico's national spirit. From silky silver to aged anjeo, tequila is better than ever, and you'll leave with a whole new perspective on this very popular libation.

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